The Chastity Belt Experiment, Book 1: The Christmas Present


After his college semester is over and right before Christmas, Michael finally gets up the nerve to hand the keys to his chastity belt to his girlfriend Julie. Complications ensue.

“Engineering student Michael Pagano has two gorgeous housemates, an awesome girlfriend, and a lab partner who adores him. Is adding a chastity belt to the mix icing on the cake or over-egging the pudding?”

The Chastity Belt Experiment, Book 0: Proof of Concept

TCBE Book 0 cover

Proof of Concept is a free introduction to the Chastity Belt Experiment series as our hero hands over the keys and gives his chastity belt a trial run.

“When Liliana Reyes does something, she does it right. If her friend and lab partner Michael Pagano wants to find out what it’s like to be locked in a chastity belt when someone else has the keys, well, he’s going to learn.”